Rishabh Software Pvt. Ltd.

Rishabh Software Pvt. Ltd.

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RSPL has experience in providing the following categories of services based on Cloud computing:

• Cloud Consulting Services
• Cloud Migration Services
• Cloud Application Development
• Cloud Application Maintenance

The following are the descriptions of the services that we offer under each service category:
• Cloud Consulting Services
Audit existing business applications portfolio
Evaluate business processes for cloud readiness
Recommend best fit technology for cloud migration
Provide detailed roadmap for cloud migration
Partner to deploy cloud applications

• Cloud Migration Services
Migration of existing applications from on-premises/data center based to cloud environment
Business logic & data migration
Product migration from on premises to – Exchange online, CRM & SharePoint Online

• Cloud Application Development
Application Design and Development using a PaaS- SFDC
Cloud based application development – Java, MS, PHP
Minor customization (look, feel, and configuration) in cloud hosted applications
SFDC, Azure based .NET, Java, PHP, SharePoint online, MS Dynamics CRM online
Cloud based application testing
Cloud Application Maintenance

• Support & Maintenance for selected cloud platforms
Support & Maintenance for cloud based applications

Cloud platforms that we work:
• Windows Azure
• Amazon AWS
• Google Apps
• Salesforce.com

Solutions that we offered to customers:
• Migration of on-premises ASP.NET applications on to Amazon EC2 - application and database migration
• Architecture and design of Cloud based application based on ASP.NET MVC 4 with Responsive design
• SharePoint Online based application development for Document management

Domains we served:
• Healthcare
• Logistics
• ISVs


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