PyTorch in Azure

Enterprise-ready PyTorch experience in the cloud

PyTorch is an open-source deep learning framework that accelerates the path from research to production. Data scientists at Microsoft use PyTorch as the primary framework to develop models that enable new experiences in Office 365, Bing, Xbox, and more. Microsoft is a top contributor to the PyTorch ecosystem with recent contributions such as PyTorch Profiler.

PyTorch on Azure–better together

Pronto per la produzione

Train and deploy models reliably at scale using a built-in PyTorch environment within Azure Machine Learning, and rest assured that your entire PyTorch stack is fully supported through PyTorch Enterprise.

Prestazioni accelerate

Decrease your time to market with powerful GPU hardware, a production-grade software accelerator with ONNX Runtime, and the latest innovative scaling techniques with DeepSpeed in Azure.

Strengthen the ecosystem

Achieve more with the rich PyTorch ecosystem of tools and capabilities, including PyTorch Profiler. Microsoft actively contributes to the PyTorch environment to make the experience better.

PyTorch Enterprise

Microsoft is a founding member of the PyTorch Enterprise Support Group, creating a reliable production experience with enterprise-grade support that benefits both Azure customers and the PyTorch community users. With PyTorch Enterprise, you can be confident that Azure is the best place to run PyTorch.

Long-term support

Microsoft provides long-term support (LTS) to selected versions of PyTorch for up to two years, enabling a stable production experience without frequent major upgrade investment.

Prioritized troubleshooting

Microsoft Premier support customers are automatically eligible for PyTorch Enterprise. They can request hotfixes directly to the dedicated Azure team. The requests will be prioritized, quickly addressed, and deployed in the next version of PyTorch.

Azure integration

The latest release of PyTorch will be integrated with Azure Machine Learning, along with other PyTorch add-ons including ONNX Runtime for faster inferencing.

Open source

All code is fed back to the public PyTorch distribution so everyone in the PyTorch community can benefit.


"Scientists have to comb through massive amounts of data to deliver life-changing medicines. Microsoft and PyTorch are helping global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to accelerate its drug discovery research."

Gavin Edwards, Machine Learning Engineer, AstraZeneca

Microsoft è un collaboratore attivo all'ecosistema di progetti PyTorch open source:

PyTorch Profiler

Introducing PyTorch Profiler, the new and improved performance debugging tool. Developed as part of a collaboration between Microsoft and Facebook, PyTorch Profiler is an open-source tool that enables accurate and efficient performance analysis and troubleshooting for large-scale deep learning models.

ONNX Runtime on PyTorch

As deep-learning models get bigger, reducing training time becomes both a financial and environmental issue. ONNX Runtime accelerates large scale, distributed training of PyTorch transformer models with a one-line code change. Combine with DeepSpeed to further improve training speed on PyTorch.

PyTorch in Windows

Microsoft mantiene build di PyTorch per Windows per permettere al tuo team di sfruttare i vantaggi di build testate e stabili, installazione semplice e affidabile, avvii rapidi ed esercitazioni e prestazioni elevate e supporto per funzionalità più avanzate, tra cui il training di GPU distribuite.

ONNX Runtime: runtime per inferenza e training accelerati di modelli di PyTorch che supporta Windows, Mac, Linux, Android e iOS ed è ottimizzato per diversi acceleratori hardware.

DeepSpeed: una libreria di algoritmi per il training di modelli di grandi dimensioni di nuova generazione, inclusi algoritmi all'avanguardia per il training di modelli paralleli e altre ottimizzazioni per il training distribuito.

Hummingbird: una libreria che compila modelli tradizionali come Scikit-Learn o LightGBM nel calcolo tensoriale di PyTorch per un'inferenza più rapida.

Two ways to use Azure for PyTorch development

Accelera il flusso di lavoro con Azure Machine Learning

Build, train, and deploy PyTorch models with ease. Azure Machine Learning removes the heavy lifting of end-to-end machine learning workflows while also handling housekeeping tasks such as data preparation and experiment tracking, which cuts time to production from weeks to hours.

Develop with preconfigured Azure Data Science Virtual Machines

Data Science Virtual Machines come installed with PyTorch as well as the necessary GPU drivers and a comprehensive suite of other popular data science tools. Get a frictionless development experience out of the box and the ability to work with all Azure hardware configurations including GPUs.

Inizia a usare PyTorch in AI Show

Apprendi i concetti fondamentali di PyTorch, tra come creare e distribuire un modello e come connettersi alla solida community di utenti.

DeepSpeed - PyTorch Developer Day

Yuxiong He, un Partner Research Manager in Microsoft, ha presentato in questa relazione DeepSpeed, una libreria di ottimizzazione di training per Deep Learning open source compatibile con PyTorch.

PyTorch in Windows

Maxim Lukiyanov, Product Manager per la piattaforma di Azure per intelligenza artificiale, ha descritto i miglioramenti al supporto per la piattaforma Windows apportati in PyTorch versione 1.7.

Nozioni fondamentali su Deep Learning con PyTorch

Scopri come usare PyTorch per risolvere un semplice problema di classificazione immagini.

Apprendi i concetti fondamentali per PyTorch

Scopri i concetti e i moduli di PyTorch. Scopri come caricare dati, creare reti neurali profonde, eseguire il training e salvare modelli in questa guida di avvio rapido.

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