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Mission-Critical Applications on Azure IaaS

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Diterbitkan: 16/09/2022

Make your mission-critical apps more resilient and cost-effective by running them with  infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Read this Avanade white paper, sponsored by Microsoft and Intel, to see why Azure IaaS is ideal for most apps, and get guidance on what to consider when planning to deploy your apps to the cloud.

Find out how to increase efficiency and reduce costs by running apps with IaaS because of:

  • Consumption instead of capacity: Pay only for the resources you consume instead of excess capacity that you don’t need.
  • Automation: Streamline operations by using automation features built into cloud services.   
  • Business continuity: Get features and services like high availability, on-demand scalability, storage redundancy, and built-in disaster recovery with well-defined IaaS architectures.

Start learning about deploying your apps to Azure—get the white paper. 


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