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Get started quickly on analytics with best practices and in-depth guidance

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Diterbitkan: 21/05/2021

Find new ways to ensure you can achieve a limitless analytics service that brings together data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics. Download the Analytics Best Practices Collection and get four resources that offer in-depth guidance and proven best practices to help you to launch—and optimize—your analytics program.

These valuable resources include:

  • The Scientist, the Engineer, and the Warehouse: Learn how to build the right team for data analytics in the age of the cloud.
  • Azure Synapse Toolkit: Get step-by-step information on how to launch your first workspace in Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Create an engine for business changing insights: Share the need for a robust analytics platform with your peers and stakeholders.
  • Quickly get started with samples in Azure Synapse Analytics: Find all the information to kick off your first analytics project with Azure Synapse.


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