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Azure Synapse for the SQL Server Professional

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Diterbitkan: 30/08/2021

SQL Server has been around for a long time and is used to unlock data insights for organizations all over the world. For many IT professionals, SQL Server is at the core of their career in analytics, and they look to build upon their experience as their organization modernizes to the cloud.

Read the complimentary e-book Azure Synapse for the SQL Server Professional to learn how you can extend your existing SQL Server skillsets into Azure Synapse Analytics. Discover how to create business value and accelerate time-to-insight on a unified cloud-scale analytics platform. 

Learn how to augment your SQL Server experience with Azure Synapse by:

  • Building code-free ETL/ELT processes for data integration
  • Exploring and experimenting with big data on your data lake
  • Creating self-service business intelligence from mission-critical data warehousing workloads