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Enabling Data Residency and Data Protection in Microsoft Azure Regions

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Diterbitkan: 31/03/2021

This paper covers the information Azure customers need to help them understand how to better control data residency, and meet their data protection obligations within Azure datacenter regions. Specifically, it is structured to address the following:

▪ Understanding the Azure regional infrastructure, including high availability, disaster recovery, and latency and service availability considerations

▪ Data residency assurances, and how customers can control data residency

▪ Details about how customers can access diagnostic, service-generated, and support data, and how customers can manage their access to their own data

▪ How Microsoft protects customer data from unauthorized access, and how Microsoft handles and challenges government requests and other third-party orders

▪ Tools customers can use to restrict, protect, and encrypt data at rest, in transit, and in some cases, in use 

▪ The strict policies and practices that Microsoft follows for the retention and deletion of customer data

▪ How Microsoft compliance with privacy regulations and standards helps protect the privacy of customer data