Extract Actionable Insights from All Your Content

Közzétéve: 2019. 10. 28.

Bring the value out of your volumes of raw data. Take advantage of knowledge mining by using AI services to discover hidden insights that can transform your business

Start by reading this white paper to build your understanding of knowledge mining. The paper covers:
  • How knowledge mining works. Learn about the three steps that help you manage and discover more value in your mountains of unstructured data. Find out how ingesting, enriching, and exploring data will help you find important insights in your files.
  • Use cases. Take a look at five important uses of knowledge mining—digital asset management, customer support, data extraction for process management, technical content review and research, and auditing and compliance management. See how companies like Royal IHC, Chevron, Howden, and Icertis are transforming themselves through knowledge mining.
  • Industry-leading solutions. Explore AI-powered knowledge mining solutions that help you take full advantage of your company’s data.
  • Additional resources. Discover seven more resources for integrating knowledge mining into your company’s best practices.

Build the foundation that you need to start with confidence. 

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