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The transformation of the data centre to take advantage of cloud services such as IaaS and PaaS is well progressed within the industry. The overall transition from customer run data centres to a distributed, cloud based model is a journey that most organisations have begun to some extent, whether it be moving selected server workloads (e.g. development or test infrastructure), utilising off site storage and backup or implementing server replication to assist with a disaster recovery (DR) strategy. Taking advantage of the flexibility of monthly operating costs, avoiding costly underutilised capital investment costs as well as the agility enabled through being able to rapidly scale for capacity are major attractions to business.

Through owning and operating our own cloud platform, hosting over 4000 virtual servers nationwide, we have developed a deep understanding of data centre virtualisation and cloud automation. Zetta can work with you to develop a strategy for your organisation’s data, network, security and identity management that underpins a design that is both cost effective and agile.

The Zetta Data Centre Transformation to Cloud service offerings are consolidated around the following four areas:
- Private Cloud
- Cloud Servers
- Cloud Storage and Backup
- Cloud Replication for DR


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