8K Miles Software Services Inc

8K Miles Software Services Inc

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8KMiles brings together the right blend of people, practices and solutions to deliver a comprehensive Cloud service, enabling businesses to embrace cloud securely. “Born in Cloud,” 8KMiles, a Gold Partner of Azure, focuses on delivering cloud services across the globe. As a public listed organization, we were once recognized as a ‘Promising Start-up’ by Microsoft and today we are listed amongst the top three Indian companies in 'Best under a Billion' list by Forbes Asia's 2017. Our growth is a combination of continuous innovation, strategic acquisitions and niche expertise.

Our automation framework helps organizations to seamlessly integrate Identity Management, Big Data and Statutory compliance into their Cloud. All our customer engagements are driven by synergetic combination of our automation framework, deep expertise gathered over 350+ customer engagements, partnership with Azure developed over many years of engagements at various levels of Expertise through domain specific acquisitions and over 100+ certified consultants.

Our team of Cloud experts- located in North America, India, Europe and Singapore, provide Cloud transformation services like Consulting, Cloud Security, Migration, Big data, Analytics, Managed Services, DevOps and Engineering services over Public Cloud. At 8KMiles, we believe in adding value to our customers and investors through continuous learning, innovation and being future-ready is the way to go.


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