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Power BI Embedded capacity APIs

Published date: March 15, 2018


In Power BI Embedded, added automation APIs support assigning a workspace to an Azure capacity.

Currently, through the Power BI portal, a workspace admin with capacity assignment permissions can access Edit Workspace and choose a capacity to assign to a workspace. The new Assign to Capacity API replicates this behavior. The API can be used to assign the workspace, unassign it, or move between capacities.

We also added the Get Capacities API to get a list of all the capacities the user has access to (as capacity admin and/or assignment permissions). An additional property that states the capacity where a workspace resides is available in the existing Get Groups API.

With these API additions to manage workspaces in capacities, we completed the automation story to onboard new customers, using a workspace for each customer. Here are the main steps to automate the process:

  1. Clone the workspace with the analytical content for a new customer.
  2. Connect the cloned content to the customer’s data source.
  3. Get the customer into production by assigning the cloned workspace to a dedicated capacity.
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