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Azure Monitor Log Analytics data export is in public preview

Published date: October 14, 2020

As it’s being collected, data from selected tables in your Log Analytics workspace can be continuously exported to an Azure storage account hourly or to Azure Event Hubs in near-real-time.


There isn't a way to filter data and limit the export to certain events. e.g. when configuring a data export rule for a SecurityEvent table.  All the data sent to the SecurityEvent table is exported starting at the configuration time.

When exporting to Storage, each table is kept under a separate container. Similarly, when exporting to Event Hub, each table is exported to a new Event Hub instance, e.g. am-securityevent.

This data export preview provides several key advantages:

    • Low cost data retention in storage
    • Simpler compliance with auditing and security when longer data retention is involved
    • Integration with Azure and third-party solutions such Azure Data Lake and Splunk
    • Low latency export to Event Hub, allowing near-real-time monitoring and alerting

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