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Announcement: Azure Active Directory backed authentication for JMS 2.0 API on Azure Service Bus

Published date: March 21, 2023

We are excited to share that Azure Service Bus now supports Azure Active Directory (AAD) based access control for its JMS 2.0 API. The azure-servicebus-jms library has been updated and is readily available on Maven Central.
Although AAD-backed authentication has been an option for Service Bus for some time already, until now, users of the JMS 2.0 API still had to resort to local authentication using Shared Access Signatures. This new release brings a welcome change as it allows users to leverage AAD-based authentication, using both system- and user assigned managed identities.
To utilize AAD authentication for the JMS 2.0 API on Service Bus instead of SAS based authentication, check the announcement blogpost or the documentation to get started. Please note that the JMS 2.0 API is only supported on the premium SKU of Azure Service Bus.

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