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Build cloud-native applications in Azure

Develop applications designed for the cloud on an open and flexible platform.

What are cloud-native applications?

Cloud native applications are built from the ground up—optimised for cloud scale and performance. They are based on microservices architectures, use managed services and take advantage of continuous delivery to achieve reliability and faster time to market.

Get the most from the cloud

Build your cloud-native apps with Azure fully managed services, seamlessly integrated development tools and built-in, enterprise-grade security. Use the tools and technologies of your choice, while implementing a microservices-based, cloud-native architecture that makes it easier to develop and scale your applications.

Choose the right tools for the job

Innovate on an open platform using the best tools for solving your business challenges including SDKs and development tools from Microsoft and others. The range of Azure offerings gives you the flexibility to implement independent services with a framework specifically designed for distributed systems, using containers or with a serverless approach.

Be productive through the application lifecycle

Work efficiently through an end-to-end development experience—coding, debugging, deployment and monitoring and management—with integrated tools and DevOps. Establish automated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to deliver new features faster—while maintaining uptime and high performance.

Create highly secure, resilient apps

Isolate the impact of faults, security incidents and upgrades using microservices, containers and serverless functions to build your applications in Azure.

Choose the best approach for your cloud-native applications

Build a cloud application with a range of Azure services


Simplify the development of your distributed cloud applications and take advantage of built-in, enterprise-grade security and autoscaling.


Build cloud-native apps without provisioning and managing infrastructure using a fully managed platform where scaling, availability and performance are handled for you.


Containerise your applications and let Azure managed services handle container orchestration, provisioning, upgrading and scaling cluster resources based on demand.

Build cloud-native apps on a data and DevOps foundation


Tap into the potential of your data—wherever it is—using managed database services.

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Bring together people, processes and technology while continuously delivering quality software to your users faster.

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What about cloud-native applications?

Start building cloud-native apps with Azure

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