Develop, test, and deploy secure blockchain apps

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain is a transparent and verifiable system which will change the way people think about exchanging value and assets, enforcing contracts, and sharing data. The technology is a shared, secure ledger of transactions distributed among a network of computers, rather than resting with a single provider. Businesses are using blockchain as a common data layer to enable a new class of applications. Now, business processes and data can be shared across multiple organizations, which eliminates waste, reduces the risk of fraud, and creates new revenue streams.

How Blockchain will Accelerate Business Performance and Power the Smart Economy

“When fully automated, blockchain can enforce consistency in execution, assist with dispute resolution, increase accountability, and deliver end-to-end transparency that can inform better business decisions.”

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What are businesses doing with blockchain?

Find out how blockchain is transforming the financial services industry

Explore how blockchain is being applied across the banking, capital markets, and insurance industries. See how blockchain helps financial services institutions eliminate intermediaries, collaborate more efficiently, and create disruptive new business models.

Discover how blockchain can create smarter, more efficient supply chains

Read about how blockchain helps resolve disputes quickly and transparently. Discover how blockchain adds visibility to the corporate supply chain by keeping a single, real-time view which is consistent for everyone.

Why use blockchain on Azure?

Simplify development

Cut development time and experiment easily with modular, preconfigured networks and infrastructure.

Get up and running quickly

Iterate and validate blockchain scenarios quickly by using built-in connections to Azure and tools you are already familiar with.

Innovate with confidence

Keep your data secure and scale when you need to—on an open, trusted, globally available cloud platform.

Customers are doing great things with blockchain on Azure

Webjet uses Azure to power Rezchain, a payment reconciliation service for the online travel market

"“We have found that almost 90 percent of mismatched hotel bookings can be resolved without cost when we use blockchain to tackle them at or near the time of booking.”"

Lynne Oldfield, Director of Corporate Development

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Association of Banks in Singapore use blockchain on Azure for the clearing and settlement of payments and securities

"“Project Ubin has brought the banks together in experimenting with distributed ledger technology in a collaborative, open, and transparent manner.""

Ong-Ang Ai Boon, Director Association of Banks in Singapore

Jumpstart your blockchain project on Azure

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Improved multi-member blockchain networks now available on Azure

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R3 on Azure: strengthening our partnership

Blockchain is increasingly prevalent as a topic of interest in our conversations with business leaders. A growing number of our customers and partners are experimenting with the technology as a secure and…

Director, Business Development

Enterprise smart contracts: resolving the truth for blockchains

This week, the Azure Blockchain team and I will be in Cancun for DevCon3. As we partner with customers on more mature scenarios and applications, our product roadmap continues to evolve, but the fundamental…

Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering

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