IoT Edge

Extend cloud intelligence to edge devices

Build the intelligent edge

Make hybrid cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions a reality with Azure IoT Edge, a fully managed service which delivers cloud intelligence locally. Seamlessly deploy and run artificial intelligence, Azure services and custom logic directly on cross-platform IoT devices—from a small Raspberry Pi to large industrial machines. And manage it all centrally in the cloud with the security of Microsoft.

Enable artificial intelligence and advanced analytics at the edge

Build advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence in the cloud and deploy to physical devices using IoT Edge. An ecosystem of Azure and third-party services will help you enable new IoT applications on your edge devices. Capitalise on Azure Machine Learning, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Functions to create more advanced IoT solutions with less time and effort.

Easily build AI at the edge with AI Toolkit for Azure IoT Edge.

Reduce IoT solution costs

Decide what IoT data to capture and send to the cloud by programming your edge device to process data locally. Then, send only the data you need to store and analyse in the cloud. By reducing the amount of data you transmit from device to cloud, you will reduce bandwidth costs and costs associated with storing and analysing data in other business applications—but still benefit from enhanced insights.

Simplify development

Ease development efforts for advanced IoT solutions by taking advantage of skills and resources you already have. Use familiar programming tools like Visual Studio and multiple programming languages including C, Node.js, Java, Microsoft .NET and Python to optimise and monitor your IoT solution—and apply fixes as-needed. Use the same programming models you use in the cloud to create and test your IoT applications and then push them to your edge devices.

Operate offline or with intermittent connectivity

With IoT Edge, your edge devices can operate reliably and securely even when they are offline or only have intermittent connectivity to the cloud. Once reconnected, edge devices automatically sync their latest state and continue to function seamlessly, regardless of ongoing connectivity.

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