Azure Immersive Reader

An AI Service that helps users read and comprehend text.

Enhance reading comprehension and achievement with AI

Embed text reading and comprehension capabilities into your applications with Azure Immersive Reader, an Azure Applied AI Service. It builds on top of Azure Cognitive Services to accelerate implementation of an AI-powered solution that helps users of any age and reading ability with reader tools and features like reading aloud, translating languages and focusing attention through highlighting and other design elements. Azure is the only major cloud provider offering this type of text-reading technology. No machine learning expertise required.

A reading experience that supports people of all ages and abilities.

Translation is available in more than 100 languages.

Quickly embed the service with just a single API call.

Immersive Reader is continually optimised based on inclusion research.

Empower users of all ages and abilities

Boost reading comprehension with a full set of proven literacy-enhancing features. Engage your audience through multisensory, multilingual learning that includes reading aloud, translating into different languages, highlighting specific lines of text and visualising word meanings through illustrations.

Get started quickly

With Immersive Reader, all it takes is a single API call to help readers boost literacy. Launch your text reader solution online without building anything from scratch.

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Drive proven results

Immersive Reader improves reading comprehension and supports learning processes and equitable education for people of all abilities, according to extensive research by education experts. It is based on reading tools and technologies already used by more than 15 million users, including Microsoft Teams, Word, OneNote and Outlook.

Read the study: Levelling the Playing Field with Microsoft Learning Tools

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Immersive Reader SDK

The Immersive Reader SDK is a JavaScript library that allows you to easily and quickly integrate the service into your app.

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Frequently asked questions about Immersive Reader

  • A 2017 study by RTI International showed that reading comprehension among groups of fourth-grade students improved an average of 10 percent. Read the research
  • Immersive Reader translates more than 100 languages. See the list.
  • Immersive Reader supports people with varying abilities and differences—including dyslexia, ADHD, autism and cerebral palsy—as well as emerging readers and non-native speakers.
  • Key features and capabilities include focus mode, immersive reading, reading aloud, font spacing and short lines, parts of speech support, syllabification, a picture dictionary, line focus and translation.
  • Immersive Reader builds on top of several AI models made available through Azure Cognitive Services. To make text accessible to readers fluent in different languages, it uses the translator text capability. For readers who prefer hearing the text read aloud, Immersive Reader uses the text-to-speech capability. The Computer Vision service extracts the text from images (like PDF files) so that readers can apply Immersive Reader's capabilities to those images.

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