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HDInsight application platform

One-click deploy experience for discovering and installing applications from big data ecosystem

The applications cater to a variety of scenarios such as ingesting data, data preparation, data management, cataloging, lineage, data processing, analytical solutions, business intelligence, visualisation, security, governance, data replication and many more. They also span across a broad set of industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Professional Services, Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Education and more.

One-click deploy

You can discover applications from the big data ecosystem and install them using a single click. The deployment will take care of configuring the application correctly, so you can use it quickly and be more productive. You can also create your own custom application and distribute it within your organisation.

Secure access to the cluster

The applications are installed on the edge nodes which are created within the same Azure Virtual Network boundary as the other nodes, so you can access these applications in a secure manner.

Industry-leading, enterprise-grade SLAs

These applications run on HDInsight, so you get all the benefits of HDInsight including SLA, access to all workloads, monitoring, etc.


With AtScale, you can query data in-place - whether it lands in your Big Data Lake or HDInsight cluster, without additional data movement and with OLAP and your BI tool of choice.


Unified platform for building Big Data Applications. Cask is 100% open source platform that provides both data integration and app development capabilities on Apache Hadoop and Spark. The platform helps future proof your big data investments, provides rapid time to value and empowers your business users with a self-service user experience.


Dataiku provides Data Science Studio (DSS), the collaborative data science platform that enables professionals (data scientists, data engineers, etc.) to collaborate on building analytical solutions. DSS has an easy to use team-based interface for data scientists and beginner analysts.

H2O's AI platform is an open source machine learning that works with Spark 2.0+, sparklyr and PySpark. H2O Sparkling Water allows users to combine the fast, scalable machine learning algorithms of H2O with the capabilities of Spark.


Kyligence Analytics Platform is an OLAP solution on Hadoop powered by open source Apache Kylin.


Paxata's Adaptive Information Platform enables any user to gain insights from their data faster. You can combine unstructured and structured data from various sources, prepare data and analyse the data. Business users can work with an intuitive visual experience with complete security and compliance provided with HDInsight.


StreamSets Data Collector deploys on top of Azure HDInsight application. It provides a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) that lets you design, test, deploy, and manage any-to-any ingest pipelines that mesh stream and batch data and include a variety of in-stream transformations - all without having to write custom code.


WANdisco Fusion provides continuous replication of selected data at scale between multiple Big Data and Cloud environments. With guaranteed data consistency and continuous availability, HDInsight customers can easily setup hybrid environments and a disaster recovery solution.

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