Event Hubs

Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from websites, apps and any streams of data

Stream millions of events per second

Azure Event Hubs is a hyper-scale telemetry ingestion service which collects, transforms and stores millions of events. As a distributed streaming platform, it offers low latency and configurable time retention enabling you to ingress massive amounts of telemetry into the cloud and read the data from multiple applications using publish-subscribe semantics.

Process real-time and batch on the same stream

With the Event Hubs Archive feature a single stream can support both real-time and batch based pipelines, reducing the complexity of your solution. You can build for today’s batch processing on a platform which supports tomorrow’s real-time analytics and processing. Event Hubs Archive is the easiest way to load data into Azure.

Leverage a fully-managed Platform as a Service

Event Hubs is a fully managed service, there are no servers to maintain and no software licenses to acquire. Pricing is simple and easy to predict. Event Hubs lets you focus on getting value from your telemetry rather than on gathering the data.

Handle volume, variety and velocity

Big data defines today’s connected world. Big data originates from many sources with variable load profiles, such as thermostats which produce telemetry data every few minutes, application performance counters which generate events every second and mobile apps which capture telemetry for every user’s individual action. Event Hubs is a fully managed service which ingests events with elastic scale to accommodate variable load profiles and the spikes.

Develop cross platform with support for many languages

Event Hubs uses the AMQP protocol to enable interoperability and binary compatibility across platforms while also supporting HTTPS for data ingress. With native clients in Java and .NET, it is easy to get started with Event Hubs and you can integrate with other Azure services including Stream Analytics, Functions and Virtual Machines. There is also a strong open source community around Event Hubs which is continually creating new adapters and connectors for popular platforms such as NiFi and the ELK stack.

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