Metrics Advisor

An AI analytics service that proactively monitors metrics and diagnoses issues

Protect your organisation's growth

Embed AI-powered monitoring features to stay one step ahead of incidents—no machine-learning expertise required. Built on Anomaly Detector, part of Azure Cognitive Services, Metrics Advisor Preview monitors the performance of your organisation’s growth engines, from sales revenue to manufacturing operations. It helps you quickly identify and fix problems through a powerful combination of monitoring in near-real time, adapting models to your scenario, offering granular analysis with diagnostics and alerting.

Uses the Anomaly Detector core engine to select the right anomaly-detection model and offers model customisation with tuning

Analyzes all dimension combinations to pinpoint affected areas for root-cause analysis and diagnoses and sends alerts

Plugs into popular time-series databases and supports stream monitoring

Provides an interface for managing the end-to-end pipeline of data-monitoring features

Detect anomalies in virtually every scenario

Time-series data behaves differently depending on the scenario—for example, the number of daily visitors to an e-commerce site or the frequency of vibrations for a conveyor-belt component. With this understanding, Anomaly Detector, the core engine of Metrics Advisor, looks at each data set and automatically selects the best algorithm from the model pool for high accuracy. Adapt the models to your scenario with model customisation, fine-tuning and applied reinforcement learning.

Learn how Anomaly Detector works

Focus on fixing rather than monitoring

Metrics Advisor examines your data in near-real time and pinpoints the minute something happens. It helps you spot unusual behavior in deep data layers of over ten thousand dimensions combinations. When a problem is flagged, Metrics Advisor quickly shows you the key drivers of the problem with root-cause analysis. It sends precise alerts based on your needs so you can focus on fixing the issue rather than monitoring metrics.

Accelerate time to value

Metrics Advisor simplifies data preparation and ingestion with abundant database connectors and pre-processing of your data by cleaning, aggregating and filling in gaps for a consistent time-series flow. There is no need to build a user interface from scratch to operationalise the service’s full feature set. Manage the monitoring lifecycle from data ingestion, models, visualisation, diagnostics and alerts from one place.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Frequently asked questions about Metrics Advisor

  • No service-level agreement (SLA) is provided for the free trial. We guarantee that Cognitive Services running in the standard tier will be available at least 99.9 percent of the time. Read the Cognitive Services SLA.
  • Anomaly Detector is comprised of simple REST APIs with a code-first experience. It is the core engine of Metrics Advisor that detects anomalies in time-series data. It is best applied for ad-hoc data analysis and it can be run in containers.

    Metrics Advisor has additional time-series monitoring features, with pipeline APIs and a built-in user interface for managing the service. It is designed for live-streaming data and AI analytics and it supports deploying in Azure.

  • Currently, it supports only Azure deployments.

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