• The Azure.com partner tab is a tool to help you find technology partners who build ready-made solutions on Microsoft Azure and to find service partners who help customers design, build and manage Azure solutions which are customised for your businesses. It pulls partner profiles from Pinpoint.

  • It can take 24 hours to 10 business days depending on a partner’s MPN membership status and Pinpoint profile status.

    1. Must be an MPN Partner, enroll.
      • Once enrolled in MPN, within 5 business days you will receive an invite to create a company Pinpoint profile.
    2. Must have a Pinpoint profile, create a profile.
      • Once profile is created, it takes 5 – 10 business days for it to be reviewed, approved and published on Pinpoint.com.
      • Must have an app/service offering description relevant to Microsoft Azure.
      • Must meet the Pinpoint profile requirements:
        • Profile must contain a logo (96x96 pixels, no spaces or special characters in the file name)
        • Comply with Azure brand guidelines (e.g., Microsoft Azure, not Windows Azure)
        • Meet max and minimum word limits (app/service title: 10 words or less, description: 20 ><250 words, or 200 ><2500 characters)
        • Title may not be an exact product name (e.g. “Microsoft Azure” or country name)
        • App/service name must be descriptive (e.g. not vague or an overview of the company itself).
        • Company name and app/service name must match company website
        • Company description must be well written (e.g. no grammatical errors).
        • Provide unique URLs, which may not link to company homepage or Microsoft page, rather must link to a page specifically referencing the app/service.
          • The same URL may not be entered into more than one field and the content must correspond to the field it was entered (download, demo, etc.)
        • No URLs, white papers, demos, phone numbers, or Microsoft contact information may be included in the partner description.

  • The Azure Marketplace is an online store for certified, open source, and community software applications, developer services and data—pre-configured for Azure. The listings on the partner tab are provided as a reference tool for you to search and find partners who build ready-made solutions on Azure, or who provide consulting services to design, build and manage Azure solutions.

  • The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is a broad voluntary partner programme designed to help qualified technology companies build, sell, provide, service and support solutions based on Microsoft technologies. To qualify for the MPN, a technology company must sell or provide more than 75 percent of its IT solutions and services or derive 75percent or more of their total revenues through the external monetisation of their IP solution(s) to unaffiliated third parties (i.e., parties which are not affiliates).

  • The MPN is a broad voluntary partner programme which promotes partners’ solutions and services and also provides technical and marketing training, support and specialised networking opportunities. The Azure.com partner tab is a reference tool for customers to find partners which specialise in Azure solutions and consulting services. The Azure.com partner listings are a subset of MPN partners and pulled from Pinpoint.

  • Pinpoint is a global Microsoft online directory which helps business customers find and connect with Microsoft partners.

  • Pinpoint supports the MPN by helping developers and technology service providers promote software applications and professional services to the market. It also helps customers find partner solutions. For more details on the Microsoft Partner Network, see the MPN FAQ page.


  • To become an MPN partner, you must enroll in the MPN program. This program is voluntary. Benefits include training, support, and networking opportunities. For more information watch the Partner Network video.

  • Cloud Platform competency is for partners who specialize in delivering infrastructure and SaaS solutions on Azure. To learn more about the requirements and to enroll visit the Cloud Platform competency page on MPN.

  • To create a Pinpoint profile, you must be actively enrolled in the MPN program. Once you are an active member of MPN, you can create a Pinpoint profile. Remember that you must provide an Azure relevant App/Service to be eligible for listing on the Azure.com partner tab.

  • When you enroll in the Microsoft Partner Networkand opt to be included in Microsoft directories during enrollment—it may take up to three business days for your information to migrate to Pinpoint.

    After three business days, you can log in to the Partner Center to check the status of your company overview and to make any necessary changes. On average, new information usually takes four to five business days to appear on the Pinpoint website, but may take up to 15 business days. (Note: the time to publish may vary for different countries. Learn more.)

    If your information doesn’t appear within this time, it could be for one of the following reasons: You have not submitted your company overview for approval; your company overview does not meet Pinpoint Profile Guidelines; you did not associate your Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) to your MPN membership; or you did not opt to appear in Microsoft directories when you were enrolling in the MPN. Learn how to resolve these and other issues that can hold up publishing.

  • Sign into the Partner Center to manage changes to your Pinpoint profile. Once your profile changes have been approved, they will automatically be published within three business days.

  • Please open a ticket with Microsoft Partner Network support.

Achieve the cloud platform competency as part of the MPN program and create a Pinpoint profile that describes both your organization and your Azure offering.


  • Technology partners build ready-made solutions on Azure for you to use in your business. These partners are typically Independent Software (ISVs) or Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. Service partners help you design, build and manage Azure solutions that are customised for your business. These partners are typically System Integration (SI) providers.

  • The Azure Marketplace currently offers virtual machine images, virtual machine extensions, APIs, applications, machine learning services and data services.

  • Yes, there is a community forum, a support forum, and a blog.

  • Please contact Azure Support.

  • To report suspected security issues or abuse of Azure, please contact the cert.microsoft.com team, which is available 24/7.