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Project Hosts, Inc.

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With a FedRAMP SaaS compliant cloud, U.S. Federal and State Government Agencies can quickly and cost effectively take advantage of a cloud solution for their secure and dedicated Project Management needs.

As one of the recognized leaders in hosting Project and Portfolio Management clouds built on Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint, Project Hosts has implemented the necessary security controls for a SaaS-level FedRAMP deployment.

Project Hosts offers FedRAMP SaaS-level compliant dedicated clouds for U.S. Government Agencies. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, we can deliver: Dedicated Private Clouds, Hybrid Clouds and Community Clouds. Unlike Public Cloud FedRAMP offerings, we provide Government Agencies with a dedicated solutions architecture that is not in a shared (multi-tenant) software as a service environment which other organization may have access to. Dedicated FedRAMP SaaS Clouds also provide federal and state agencies with the additional benefits of: the ability to include applications software and add-ons, integration with other clouds and on-premise systems, flexible contracts, licenses and terms, and our renowned Person-2-Person support services.

100% SaaS Compliant Cloud. FedRAMP compliant IaaS and PaaS clouds cover about 22% and 30% (respectively) of the 325 security controls required in the FedRAMP baseline; they do not cover any of the controls at the application layer such as access authorization, executable restrictions, intrusion detection, logging, etc. For agencies that are considering deploying software on a FedRAMP compliant IaaS or PaaS cloud, unless the agency adds all of the application-level (SaaS-level) security controls, the deployment will not be fully FedRAMP compliant. Our Project and Portfolio Management cloud, built on SharePoint and Project Server, is 100% SaaS-level compliant, thus eliminating the need for an agency to implement the SaaS-level controls on its own.

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