Fuse Collaboration Services

Fuse Collaboration Services

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Fuse hosts and supports your websites using Microsoft Azure to create scalable, dependable solutions for forward-thinking organisations.

Fuse is a niche hosting provider. We concentrate on providing high levels of service by being very good at running hosted services. Each customer receives a highly tailored service, providing exactly what they need, scaling and adapting as those needs change. These services are backed by excellent one-to-one customer support provided by expert engineers and developers.

We began hosting applications because we were dissatisfied with the services available from large-scale providers. Our software developers were producing applications based on the latest technologies, and we found we could do a much better job of hosting those using our in-house infrastructure expertise.

Fuse recommends hosting in Microsoft Azure as its reliability, features and flexibility surpass that of any hosting environment we have come across. Azure also saves you money by reducing capital costs and allowing customers to pay only for the IT services they actually use. Delivering a 99.95% monthly SLA, Fuse is confident in recommending Microsoft Azure to its customers.

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