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Following several successful implementations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in some of Norfolk Group's smaller divisions, a further CRM solution was introduced across the group.  It was targeted to customer facing personnel, ,primarily engineers and estimators, who were at times uncomfortable with the notion of selling.
The end goal was ultimately threefold:
1. To create a Customer Relationship Management system that allowed its users to better manage relationships with customers
2. To manage two aspects of the business acquisition process - the decision to start preparing a quote and the decision to submit the quote (preparation of some quotes cost more than AU$400,000)
3. To give management instant visibility over opportunities in the pipeline, whether they are open, won or lost in each nominated market sector over up to three years into the future.

Key to the success of the project was the close involvement of Norfolk’s senior management team in specifying business process, user interfaces, reporting mechanisms and workflow behaviour.
A Microsoft CRM-specific training program helped bring the team up to speed, empowering team members from Norfolk to create fields, manage forms and design reports. In parallel DWS consultants worked on migration from the existing sales force dot com system.

Throughout the project DWS continued to contribute, support and mentor the Norfolk team in such diverse issues as business process optimisation, business process management and data modelling, while implementing  business rules using web services, Java Scripts, CRM workflows and Plug Ins written in C#.

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