What is DevOps?

DevOps is the union of people, process and technology to enable continuous delivery of value to customers. DevOps, a compound of dev (development) and ops (operations), is a software development practice which unifies development and IT operations. The meaning signifies coordination and collaboration among formerly siloed disciplines. Quality engineering and security teams also become part of the broader team in the DevOps model.

DevOps includes core practices such as planning and tracking, development, build and test, delivery and monitoring and operations. These practices, along with DevOps tools and technologies, help automate the application lifecycle. Processes that used to be manual and slow for your teams—like updating code or provisioning a new environment—you can do quickly and continuously when you use DevOps tooling and practices. In addition, it is easier to meet standards for security and reliability because those considerations are built in to the process.

With DevOps, your organisation is equipped to deliver better products, faster. By bringing together people, process and technology with shared practices and tools—you gain the benefits of reduced development times, faster time to market and increased product quality. Read more about DevOps practices and getting started with DevOps.

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