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Bring IoT to life with partner expertise

Connect with a partner to unleash the powerful potential and business value of the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether you are looking for a complete IoT solution or building your own using certified devices, engage with an Azure IoT partner to tailor a solution for the needs of your business.

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Certified devices

Start your IoT project with confidence by choosing Azure Certified for IoT devices, gateways and Azure IoT Starter Kits—each compatibility-tested for seamless connectivity to IoT Hub.

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Security auditors

Connect to Azure IoT security auditors to assess the security of your IoT solution. A third-party auditor can help you proactively minimise vulnerabilities.

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System integrators (SI)

Using Azure IoT does not require all new systems. An experieced system integrator combines IoT devices and technologies with your existing systems, customising a solution for your business and your needs.

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Independent software vendors (ISV)

Your business is unique and your industry has specific needs. Get solution development expertise plus the power of Azure IoT when you work with an ISV who provides specialised solutions for your line of business.

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