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See how Azure works

Watch demo videos to learn about popular Azure services and how you can use them to make app development smarter and easier.

Create Linux and Windows virtual machines in seconds

Watch how you can create a Windows Server virtual machine and manage it with Remote Desktop.

See how to create a Linux virtual machine you can then connect to and manage with Secure Shell (SSH).

Build and deploy web apps that scale with your business

Learn to create and deploy ASP.NET web apps using App Service.

Learn to create and deploy web apps using Node.js and App Service.

Transform development with cloud-managed storage and databases

Get an introduction to Azure Storage, including blobs, tables, files and queues for Windows and Linux.

See how to create and migrate databases using Azure SQL Database and easily connect with your choice of language and operating system.

Code apps your way in a serverless, event-based environment

Create a serverless app with Azure Functions and integrate it with your preferred DevOps solution.