Azure Basic Support


Submit a support request

Welcome to Microsoft Azure Basic support. We’re offering this pilot programme to you and a limited number of other Azure customers in an effort to improve Azure support services. This pilot gives you a chance to preview support features and give us feedback on them.

Azure Basic support adds to your existing Azure support coverage by including technical guidance from expert Azure engineers on Azure platform services. Even if you don’t have a paid support plan, you can use Azure Basic support to help resolve platform-related issues quickly. And for any issues not covered in this pilot, you can find useful guidance from Microsoft self-help articles or through a paid support subscription.

When you take advantage of Azure Basic support, you can easily create a support request, track your support history and view and manage the details of each submitted ticket in the Azure Preview portal.

How to create a support request for Azure

Go to Microsoft Azure portal Help.

Click Create support request. The New support request and Request type blades open.

Follow the New support request steps:


    Select the type of problem you’re having: Technical, Billing, Quotas, Subscription management


    Select the Azure subscription that requires support.


    Select the product that needs support


    Choose Basic (Pilot). Agree to the terms and click OK.

    Tip: You must acknowledge the pilot terms and conditions upon first use of the Basic support plan.


    Select a problem type and category and click OK.


    Primary contact: Make sure that the email address is correct for this request and change it if necessary. This will not update the primary email address on the account.

    Details: Provide as much information as possible, including any errors or troubleshooting steps you’ve taken.

    Time span: Include the date and time when the incident started. Also indicate your time zone.

    Resource: Provide the resource name and ID.

    When you’ve finished, click OK.

Your incident will be sent to the Microsoft Azure support team. A support technician will respond to you within one business day.

How to manage your support requests

You can manage your existing support requests by clicking Manage support requests on the Help + support blade.