Azure Monitor

Get the granular, up-to-date monitoring data that you need – all in one place

View and manage all of your monitoring data easily

Know every detail as it happens – all from one dashboard – with Azure Monitor. Get granular, up-to-date performance and utilisation data, access to the activity log that tracks every API call, and diagnostic logs that help you debug issues within your Azure resources. All of the monitoring data that you need to operate and maintain your Azure resources is centrally available through Azure Monitor.

Set up alerts and take automated actions

It’s always better to detect an issue early before it starts to have an impact on your business. With Azure Monitor, you can set up alerts and respond proactively to events by setting up automated actions, such as auto-scaling a resource, starting an Azure Automation runbook or calling a webhook.

Diagnose operational issues quickly

When a problem occurs, you need to find the source quickly. Azure Monitor gives you the basic tools that you need to analyse and diagnose any operational issue, so that you can resolve it efficiently. Create dashboards with graphs of performance metrics, search through subscription activity and share your insights with others.

Integrate with your existing tools

Get rich end-to-end monitoring and analytics by combining Azure Monitor with the analysis tools that are familiar to you. Azure Monitor integrates with Application Insights, Operations Management Suite Insight & Analytics and a variety of third-party tools. Plus, it offers REST APIs and webhooks that can be used to build custom integrations.

Start monitoring your Azure resources today