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    MSDN Forum

    Microsoft response to Azure technical questions

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    Mysterious App Insights alert.

    Forum: Application Insights (AI)

    AAS rest api select query example?

    Forum: Azure Analysis Services

    IP addresses of the URLs that need access

    Forum: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery


    Community responses to development questions

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    Azure Relay for Soap WebServices

    • c#
    • azure
    • web-services
    • soap
    • azure-servicebusrelay

    Deploy angular 6 in Azure

    • javascript
    • angular
    • azure
    • azure-devops
    • devops
    Azure Feedback

    Do you have an idea or suggestion based on your experience with Azure?

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    Provide the ability to change billing information on invoices

    Once and invoice has been generated it would be nice to be able to change billing info i.e. Name, address etc. and then be able to get a copy of the invoice with the updated ibformation.

    Allow uploaded dashboards to persist across the same login from different machines

    I love the upload/download feature of dashboards but find it extremely frustrating I can't see them using other machines with the same login. They should persist.

    rename recovery services vault backup policy

    Azure Recovery Services Backup Vaults should allow you to change the name of backup policies. In order to change, currently you have to create a new policy, delete backups of all the vms on the original mis-named policy and enable backups on the new policy.

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