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Getting 500 error from my mvc application on azure

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Allow to select multiple tags

Currently you can Assign multiple tags to Azure resources however you can only select one Tags at a time. e.g Let's say i have resources for two environments e.g. DEV, TST and each environment have one Web App and one Function apps within same Resource Groups. I created and assign tags something like Environment = DEV, Environment = TST, Application Type = Web App, Application Type = Function App etc. for these resources Now if i want to get all 'WebApps' from 'Dev' environment, you can't. You can only select Enivornment = Dev, which gives you all resources i.e. WebApp and Function app from Dev. or You can only select 'Application Type = WebApp', that gives me webapp from both Dev and TST environment. There isn't seems to be a way to select multiple tags at the same time and filter out the result.

Texas Roof Systems

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B2B invitation email does not work as expected

Upon creating a new AD Azure user, inviting them to our company tenant, we found that the recipient of the invitation was getting no prompt to accept the privacy statement (as described here: Instead, they were getting asked to create a new account, when the email address added was already an MSA. Having gone through a process with Azure support, it would seem that this is a bug in the invitation of existing MSAs or possibly just a problem with the link in the email. If the user attempted to access our tenant URL directly, then they got a login prompt, followed by the privacy policy acceptance and then the invitation was accepted successfully.

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