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Develop a fuller curated Azure Reference Application

We really need to see a fuller reference implementation that covers a number of related Azure technologies, brings them together and provides guidance on building a real enterprise application - a bit like the ASP.NET MVC/Entity Framework teams did with Contoso University...which they revised each time there was a major upgrade to the technologies. Too often we are seeing small isolated samples - ‘send an email when you get a Tweet’, etc. For those of us trying to adopt Azure for Enterprise scale development, we need to see guidance on how we should use the technologies in a ‘best practices’ way, how we should use the toolsets, how we should structure our solutions/projects in Visual Studio, how we should implement CI/CD/Dev Ops practices with this real-world application. This is Microsoft’s technology and they are changing it at a rate that means the traditional means of education: Traning Courses, Books, etc. just do not work because they cannot keep up - as fast as they can be turned out they are out of date. Microsoft need to see the development of fuller, richer and yes somewhat prescriptive guidance (something I know they have liked to avoid in the past) as being as much a part of product development as the code. No 3rd party can keep up with your rate of change. If you want us to adopt this technology you need to go further with your educational material, keep it up to date and create multiple versions of it when there are significant updates to the technology and toolsets. Yes this is a big financial/time cost to you...but how else will your customers become properly educated, adopt the right approach, be successful and as a result adopt more Azure focused development? Not every one of your customers is a huge enterprise with deep pockets that can afford armies of consultants from your Gold Partners to drive successful adoption. Your SME customers don’t have the financial resources and you risk leaving them behind. is a vast improvement on past documentation but it needs this kind of curated ‘Reference Application’ for Azure so that we go about things in the right way from the ‘get-go’ - the sort of things the Patterns & Practices Group have tackled in the past.

Let us download all invoices for the last calendar year. One month at a time is too slow.

Filing our taxes requires all of the bills of the last year. I cannot even download all invoices for last year. Downloading one month at a time is too slow.

Documentation of doc db pricing has typos

On this page FAQ -> How does Request Unit usage show up on my bill? -> last line "500 x $0.096/hour + 220 x $1.776/hour = $438.72/hour", the values should be "$438.72" and not "$438.72/hour"

Upgrade the free Windows VM from B1S to B2S

The 12 months free 750 hours of Azure B1S General Purpose Virtual Machines for Microsoft Windows Server is too small. I would strongly recommend providing at least B2S virtual machine for 750 hours Windows Server.

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