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    how to migrate vm from aws to azure

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    PHP Minor Version Update for July 2019

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    Run.get_context() is returning nothing in Python

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    How to check Azure VM IIS Heatbeat

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    • ping

    new ADDS in Azure VM, then expose to internet

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    Azure standard loadbalancer - force all UDP traffic bidirectionally back over the LB

    Currently a single specific session with the same source and destination port on UDP will be routed correctly. But when the system behind the loadbalancer stars creating multiple sessions with the same destination port but different source ports (Random) it will be routed directly back bypassing the loadbalancer fully. This breaks functionality for certain UDP based designs.... Please make it possible to route the traffic always via the loadbalancer

    More specific document in Azure Region

    I want to build VMs in South Africa West, but I cannot see this region on Portal. When I requested a ticket to Azure to ask for permission , the support engineer replied that this region is only for disaster recovery. I wish there could be a notice shows on Azure Region(

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