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    Default route announcement between VNG or vHUBS

    Currently when you peer two VNG with BGP or have multiples vhubs in a vwan, the default route is not considered or announce between them if the VNG or vhubs is learning it over BGP from another IPsec connection.

    Azure availability zone in india

    I need azure availability zone in india

    Ctrl+Click to open new tab

    Add the ability to "ctrl+left click" on a person's username in azure ad (wheather it be in indentity protection or anywhere in Azure AD) it will open a new tab so it does not stay on the same screen on Azure AD.

    Azure Resource Graph: Join PolicyResources

    I want to list the policy resources related to the subscription name in the Azure Resource Graph. For that a join of policy resources is necessary.However it is not supported currently. Add Subscription name as field to policy resources.

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