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Azcopy The command line does not have an option to bulk upload multiple files in one invocation

Currently we can set all files from a local folder or files patters using "pattern" attribute, But we need to upload multiple files from a local folder to blob storage in single command invocation.

Azure Files Permissions

Azure VM when accessing the mount Azure files we have setup is asking for a username and password when running any .EXE that is in files. We've tried all of our local accounts and even our Azure cloud account and nothing works. Where would we find the permissions for this? Would like a way to more easily see where to manage these permissions.

Update SSL Cert option for Application Gateway in Portal

Please add an update ssl option into application gateway. This should be a mandatory feature since ssl certs are change frequently. The current process through powershell is too complicated for such a simple management task.

Azure Storage explorer

We are not allowed to Upload .PST files to Azure using Azure Storage Explorer. This was happening and some reason it got stopped.

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