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FastTrack for Azure

Move to Azure efficiently with customized guidance from Azure engineering

Benefits of FastTrack for Azure

Get direct assistance from Azure engineers.

Learn how to develop successful Azure deployments.

Accelerate deployment of Azure solutions.

What FastTrack for Azure provides


Get help with defining your business vision and goals, and assessing your architectural needs.

Solution enablement

Use proven practices, design principles and tools for your business applications.


Collaborate with Azure engineers and partners to successfully deploy your Azure solutions.

What FastTrack for Azure can help you with

  • Windows Server migration
  • SQL Server migration
  • SAP migration
  • App modernisation
  • Data Analytics
  • Azure Virtual Desktop

See what FastTrack for Azure customers have to say

"FastTrack gave the entire team the confidence to pick our next big project…. The wealth of information provided by FastTrack experts is what enabled us to be on such an accelerated timeline."

Adam LeFaive, Director of Information Management, San Joaquin Valley College
San Joaquin Valley College

"The FastTrack team provided us with a sounding board for our ideas and gave us an understanding of the theories behind why we do certain things."

Chris McMasters, Chief Information Officer, City of Corona, California
City of Corona

"One of the challenges we had when we moved to Azure was how to define a blueprint to our environment [that was] compliant with industry standards. The FastTrack for Azure team helped us refine and define this blueprint to be compliant but achievable."

Guy Levy, Head of Research and Development, Additiv

"Everybody is so heavily invested in the program. Everyone is going the extra mile, and each team member is an expert. It's amazing."

Preston Schlachter, Program Manager, NORAD Tracks Santa

"By working with the FastTrack for Azure team, we were able to tailor our own analytics development kit. We used that to build a bespoke platform that gives us deeper insights into our network so we can create more efficient ways of planning and organizing routes, links, and schedules."

Torbjörn Stake, Chief Technology Officer Public Transport, Region Värmland

Eligibility requirements

Customers must:

Have an active paid Azure subscription.

Be in a region where FastTrack for Azure is available. See frequently asked questions for locations.

Have an identified project supported by FastTrack for Azure that’s expected to reach at least an incremental $5000 of service usage per month within 12 months of the FastTrack for Azure engagement.

FastTrack for Azure supported solutions

Available now:

  • Data centre migration
  • Windows Server on Azure
  • SAP on Azure
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Azure Arc
  • High-performance computing
  • Cloud-native apps
  • DevOps
  • App modernisation
  • Internet of Things
  • Linux on Azure
  • Cloud-scale analytics
  • Intelligent apps
  • Intelligent agents
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Data modernisation to Azure
  • Security and management
  • Globally distributed data
  • Azure Marketplace
  • Fundamentals and governance


FastTrack for Azure – ISVs and startups

Watch this video to learn more about how FastTrack for Azure – ISVs and startups provides technical guidance and best practices to help you build apps on Azure.

Frequently asked questions about FastTrack for Azure

    • What is FastTrack for Azure?

      FastTrack for Azure is a technical enablement programme that helps with rapid and effective design and deployment of cloud solutions. It includes tailored guidance from Azure engineers to provide proven practices and architectural guidance.

    • Where is FastTrack for Azure available?

      FastTrack for Azure is available to all customers:

      • With an active paid Azure subscription.
      • Located in an Azure commercially supported region with the following exceptions:
        • Not available in China.
        • Available in Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao by exception and in English only. Engagements in local language are dependent on resource availability.
    • Is there a cost for FastTrack for Azure services?

      No, FastTrack for Azure services are provided free of charge.

    • What legal terms apply to FastTrack for Azure?

      FastTrack for Azure services are ‘Professional Services’ governed by the Professional Services Terms in the Notices section of the Microsoft Product Terms and terms applicable to ‘Supplemental Professional Services’ in the Microsoft Products and Services Data Protection Addendum.

    • How do I qualify for FastTrack for Azure?

      To qualify, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

      • Be in a region where FastTrack for Azure is available.
      • Have an identified project supported by FastTrack for Azure – a defined workload with the intent to deploy – that’s expected to reach at least an incremental $5000 of service usage per month within 12 months of FastTrack for Azure engagement.
      • Have an active paid Azure subscription.
      • Have a defined project using a solution FastTrack for Azure supports, with intent to deploy. A defined project has an executive sponsor, committed customer/partner resources, established success metrics and clear timelines for start/end of project.
    • What qualifies as an Azure project?

      An Azure project consists of one or more Azure solutions – a group of Azure services, third-party applications and related products – that help meet the most common business needs and scenarios deployed in production. For a complete list of solutions supported by FastTrack for Azure, please read the FastTrack for Azure updates.
    • How can I plan our Azure projects to meet FastTrack for Azure eligibility requirements?

      Estimate the monthly cost of your proposed project by using the Azure pricing calculator and example scenarios. The example scenarios show how to solve specific business or technical challenges using Azure. Each scenario is based on a real-world example and provides cost factors to consider and fast, easy-to-read guidance to accelerate the implementation.
    • Are Azure Government customers eligible?

      Yes. FastTrack for Azure is available to eligible government and commercial customers.
    • What’s the nomination process?

      Ask your account team or your Azure deployment partner to nominate you or chat with one of our agents on this page.
    • How long is the engagement?

      The length of engagement varies depending on your needs.

    • Do the FastTrack for Azure engineers and programme manager come on site?

      No. FastTrack for Azure engineers and program managers engage remotely.
    • Do the Azure engineers deploy our solution?

      No. FastTrack for Azure is an advisory service, so the engineers only provide guidance for Azure solutions and remote deployment support.
    • When should I get involved with FastTrack for Azure?

      The program helps you build and deploy Azure solutions; it’s not intended to help envision a project. Only engage the programme when you have a specific Azure project in mind that meets the criteria.
    • What’s beyond the scope of FastTrack for Azure?

      FastTrack for Azure won’t be able to:

      • Work on-site, unless otherwise agreed by exception.
      • Write code or scripts.
      • Deploy solutions.
      • Develop architectural deliverables.
      • Activate Azure subscriptions.
      • Access customer subscriptions.
      • Take control during engagement sessions.
      • Provide guidance on Microsoft 365.
    • How does the FastTrack for Azure team work with partners, Microsoft Enterprise Services or Microsoft Premier Support?

      If you’re working with a third-party partner, Microsoft Enterprise Services or Microsoft Premier Support, the FastTrack team will work with you and the other party to ensure that you both have the resources you need to successfully deploy Azure solutions. If you aren’t working with a partner but would like to, the FastTrack team will connect you with one.

    • What’s the difference between FastTrack for Azure and Activate services (previously Fast Start)?

      FastTrack for Azure provides resources, tools and access for experts – Azure engineers and partners – to help deploy Azure solutions into production – specifically, Azure projects expected to reach at least $5000 of service usage per month within 12 months. Activate is a four-day on-site engagement with a Microsoft engineer that’s aimed at deploying an initial, low-friction Azure workload through proof-of-concept activities. Those eligible for FastTrack typically need more than an Activate engagement. Your account team can help you determine which programme is best for you.

    • Where can I find updates about Azure?

      Subscribe to Azure notifications to stay informed on product updates and announcements.