6-month Plan (Azure)


 This offer provides Azure Cloud Services at a significantly discounted monthly price. The offer is valid for a six-month term and can be renewed for additional six-month terms at the price in effect at time of renewal. Customers may purchase multiple Base Units to match their development needs.

Note: As of 16 April 2013, you may only use your included small compute instance hours to run the Cloud Services standard instances (A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4). You will be billed for any Virtual Machines usage at Pay-as-you-go rates.

Base Unit Pricing

$71.99 per Base Unit per month.

Each Base Unit includes 750 small compute hours (equivalent of running 1 Small Compute instance full-time in a month or other sizes at their equivalent ratios)

Monthly usage in excess of the monthly amounts included with your offer will be charged at the Pay-as-you-go rates.

Our Base Unit price represents 20% off our Pay-as-you-go rates for Cloud Services.

Subscription term: 6 months

During the six-month term of this subscription, you may increase the number of Base Units that you purchase at any time. Any increase in Base Units will be effective as of the next billing cycle. Base Units may only be decreased at time of renewal.

Any unused portion of a Base Unit will not be refunded or carried over to the next billing cycle. The amount of service included in each Base Unit will not change during the term of your subscription.

You will be notified at least 30 days in advance of any changes to the Pay-as-you-go rates.

New services may be added periodically to the Azure platform. We will notify you in advance of these new services and any fees that might be charged for using them. However, you would only be charged if you elect to use the new services.

Any taxes which may result from receiving services at no charge are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

Payment Options

Customers may pay by credit card, debit card or invoice. Invoice requires an initial monthly base commitment exceeding $500 per month for customers in the United States and $250 per month elsewhere. Customers choosing to pay by invoice may have their service activation delayed pending credit verification.

More details on pricing and billing can be found on our Pricing page.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel without penalty during the first 30 days of each subscription term. You are still responsible to pay for the base commitment and any overage for that first month. Cancellations after the first 30 days of a subscription term require full payment of the base commitment for the remaining months of the subscription and any excess incurred.

Renewal Policy

After your initial six-month subscription term, you will have the option to renew your subscription at whatever renewal rate we have at that time, which is currently the Base Unit Pricing indicated in this offer. You may change the amount of your base commitment at the time of renewal, but you must commit to at least one Base Unit in order to renew.

Your subscription will by default be automatically set to renew. You will be notified via email when your term is about to renew. You do have the ability to opt out of auto-renewal at any time.

Offer Availability

This offer is available to customers located in one of the following countries/regions and will be billed in the currency noted:

Limits, Quotas and Constraints

Please refer to this document for a list of common Microsoft Azure limits, quotas and constraints.

The following monthly usage quotas are applied. If you need more than these limits, please contact customer services at any time so that we can understand your needs and adjust these limits appropriately.

Service-level Agreements

We offer a set of robust service level agreements for each of the Azure platform services. More details on each of our SLAs can be found on our SLA page. Service level agreements are not provided for services during preview.

Resource Commitment

Microsoft will provide services to you up to at least the level of the associated usage included in the base units that you purchased (the Service Commitment), but all other increases in usage levels of service resources (e.g. adding to the number of compute instances running or increasing the amount of storage in use) are subject to the availability of these service resources.

Any quota described in the Usage Quotas section is not a Service Commitment. For purposes of determining the number of simultaneous small compute instances (or their equivalent) that Microsoft will provide as part of a Service Commitment, this is determined by dividing the number of committed small compute instance hours purchased in a month by the number of hours in the shortest month of the year (i.e. February – 672 hours).