Azure API Management Consumption Tier is now generally available

Published date: 29 May, 2019

Starting on 29th May 2019, the Consumption Tier of Azure API Management, announced in December 2018,will be available in the same six regions as it was during the preview. 

Unlike other Azure API Management tiers, the Consumption Tier exposes serverless properties. It runs on a shared infrastructure, can scale down to zero in times of no traffic and is billed per execution. 

The new tier is especially well suited for: 

  • Applications implemented with serverless compute, such as Functions or other serverless services (for example, Storage Account or Event Grid). 
  • Applications with microservices-based architectures such as Kubernetes.
  • Applications with highly spikey traffic. 
  • Applications in evaluation or test environments. 

During the preview we substantially improved activation performance and added the following features: 

  • Custom domains to expose the service through your own domain. 
  • Client certificate authentication of the incoming traffic. 
  • Protocol settings to manage client and backend sides protocols and ciphers. 
  • Throttling rate-limit policy to control the maximum rate of incoming API requests. 
  • Management of the service through clients—PowerShell, .NET, Go, Ruby, Node, JavaScript. 
  • Integration with Functions.
  • Improved distributed tracing in Application Insights.

Over time, we’ll make the Consumption Tier available in all the regions where Azure API Management is available. 

Preview pricing will remain in effect until 1st August 2019. 

Learn how to use API Management with microservices and serverless architectures or see it in action.

Try out the new API Management Consumption Tier.

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