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    Enable flink in HDInsight

    When can HDInsight enable Flink for streaming processing?

    default conda environment update

    As we know, Python 2.7 stop it's support on Jan 1st, 2020. But anaconda installed in HDinsight is still in old version. Base Environment use python 2.7. When using HDInsight Spark with Azure Machine Learning, it will always come with an error first to update conda. That is a bad experience.

    Documentation mentions that Kafka 2.3 is a recommended option on HDI 4.0."We recommend using Spark 2.4 & Kafka 2.3 and above in HDInsight 4.0."How can this be set up as there is no option to configure Kafka 2.3 while cluster creation?

    Kill a cluster in "Applying Changes"

    There is no way to delete a cluster if it is still in "applying changes" phase.When automating cluster creation I need to iterate, change things and break things. If I need to repeat an experiment, I have to wait for (a minimum) of 30 minutes to repeat an experiment on the HDInsight cluster, just because is in Applying changes.Feels like loosing control over my resources and incurs on extra cost and time.

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