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    Auto-shutdown did not work on Win 10 VM

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    Unable to start the VM on LCS

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    Increasing Azure VM Spot price

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    How to find the Azure image size?

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    Dynamically add machines in spark stage

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    I dont see all azure resources on my azure portal

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    Visszajelzés az Azure-nak

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    Share Manage Disk across subscriptions within same tenant

    Add support to allow Azure VM to attach Managed Disks from other subscriptions within the same tenant.For example, in my Azure account, I have two Azure subscriptions... I have a VM in Subscription A, and I would like to be able to attach a unattached Managed Disk available on Subscription B. As sharing VHDX is not support on Azure Storage. It would be great if users are allow to share Managed Disk across multiple subscriptions within a single Azure tenant.

    Add multiple filter to list Resource SKU -List API`s

    Currently there is only one filter available for Resource SKU -List APIGET{subscriptionId}/providers/Microsoft.Compute/skus?api-version=2019-04-01&$filter={$filter}This provide multiple results which are of not much use, If you can help us to add more filter like ( Virtual machine or VM size) which will be helpful in simplified search

    There is no documentation on maximum number of nics supported by each instance size for windws and linux

    There is no documentation in azure that clearly states the maximum number of NICs supported by each VM size. Please incorporate and 2 core 8 GB machines should support atleast 3 NIcs like in AWS and google.This is very bad documentation as it is a chain of links that point to other link example -

    Documentation stating maximum number of NIC per VM size

    Azure has no documentation that states maximum number of NIC supported by wach VM size. The documentation only does a ping pong of links and still doesnt give anything clearly, Example the below link says in constraint to check another link referring to linux general purpose VM sizes, but it has nothing on number of NICs supported

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