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    May 2019

    18 May

    Azure Search Document Cracking Image Extraction Resource GUID name change

    From 1 July 2019, the Azure Search Document Cracking Image Extraction Resource GUID name will change.

    18 May

    Azure Search Basic Unit and Standard Unit Resource GUID change

    From 1 July 2019, the resource GUIDs for Azure Search Basic Unit and Standard S1, S2 and S3 Unit for the Japan East region will change.

    6 May

    Azure Search now supports complex search types

    Azure Search now supports complex searches for raw datasets that don’t break down neatly.

    6 May

    The Cognitive Search feature of Azure Search is now available

    Cognitive Search is an enrichment pipeline that transforms raw, unstructured content into rich searchable information in an Azure Search index.

    April 2019

    2 Apr

    Azure Search – New storage-optimised service tiers are now in preview

    The new L-series tiers offer significantly more storage at a reduced cost per terabyte compared to the standard tiers. This is ideal for internal applications searching over large file repositories, archival scenarios when you have business data going back many years or e-discovery applications.

    February 2019

    7 Feb

    Blob output partitioning in Azure Stream Analytics

    Azure Stream Analytics users can now partition output to Azure Blob storage based on custom date and time formats.

    December 2018

    11 Dec

    Connect Cognitive Services subscription to enable unlimited skillset execution

    From 21 December 2018, you’ll be able to associate your Cognitive Services subscription with an Azure Search skillset. The skillset execution will be charged as part of the Cognitive Services subscription. On 21 December 2018, we’ll also begin charging for image extraction as part of our document-cracking stage. Text extraction from documents will continue to be offered at no additional cost.

    May 2017

    11 May

    Synonyms for Azure Search

    Support for synonyms in Azure Search, soon to be in preview, is one of our most requested features on UserVoice. Synonyms functionality will allow for Azure Search to not only return results that match the query terms that were typed into the search box, but also return results that match synonyms of the query terms.

    December 2016

    1 Dec

    General availability: New API version and .NET SDK for Azure Search

    Azure Search has released new features in API version 2016-09-01 and a new .NET SDK.

    August 2016

    22 Aug

    Azure Search: .NET SDK preview and portal support for Blob/Table indexers

    Azure Search has released a new preview version of the .NET SDK and supports Blob and Table storage indexers in the Azure portal.

    June 2016

    14 Jun

    Azure Search: Update to the Search Traffic Analytics dashboard in Power BI

    The updated Power BI content pack for Azure Search contains insightful data about your Azure Search service and useful visualizations.

    9 Jun

    Azure Search S3 and S3 High Density tiers in public preview, and Basic tier generally available

    Azure Search helps developers build rich, first-class search experiences into their applications.

    May 2016

    3 May

    Public preview: Azure Search Blob indexer parses structured JSON content

    The Azure Search Blob indexer can now parse JSON documents while preserving document structure.

    April 2016

    19 Apr

    Public preview: Azure Search indexer for Azure tables

    Azure Search supports Azure tables as a data source.

    March 2016

    2 Mar

    Public preview: Azure Search Basic tier

    The Basic tier of Azure Search offers a low-cost and production-ready search service for your web and mobile applications.

    February 2016

    12 Feb

    General availability: Lucene query syntax in Azure Search

    Lucene query syntax is now available as part of the Azure Search REST API.

    10 Feb

    General availability: Azure Search .NET SDK

    The Azure Search .NET SDK is now generally available.

    January 2016

    25 Jan

    Azure Search: .NET SDK version 1.0.1-preview

    Version 1.0.1-preview of the Azure Search .NET SDK is now available.

    21 Jan

    Preview: Customize lexical analyzers in Azure Search

    Take control over the process of breaking your documents into searchable terms.

    19 Jan

    Azure Search: Search Traffic Analytics available

    Enable traffic analytics in Azure Search to gain visibility into your search service and learn about your users.