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Azure Search—New storage optimized service tiers are now in preview

Published date: April 02, 2019

Two new service tiers for storage optimized workloads in Azure Search are now in preview. These L-series tiers offer significantly more storage at a reduced cost per terabyte compared to the standard tiers, and are ideal for solutions with a large amount of index data and lower query volume throughout the day, such as internal applications searching over large file repositories, archival scenarios, or e-discovery applications.

The new L-series service tiers support the same programmatic API, command-line interfaces, and portal experience as the basic and standard tiers of Azure Search. Internally, Azure Search provisions compute and storage resources for you based on how you’ve scaled your service. Compared to the S-series, each L-series search unit has significantly more storage I/O bandwidth and memory, allowing each unit’s corresponding compute resources to address more data. The L-series is designed to support much larger indexes overall (up to 24 TB total on a fully scaled out L2) for applications.

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