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Embed interactive Power BI visuals in your applications, websites or portals to bring world-class analytics directly to your customers

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Embedded analytics helps you deliver for your customers

  • Get to market faster.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Create differentiated products and offers.
  • Adopt decades of analytics expertise in minutes.
  • Impress customers and create lifelong fans.

No end-user licensing required

Gain full control of monetising your analytics offering. You pay as little as USD 1/hour to deploy analytics to your customers and scale seamlessly as your business grows.

Select from a limitless number of visualisations

Choose the right visuals to tell your data story. From out-of-the-box, community published and custom-built options, the choices are unlimited.

Provide even the most advanced analytics

With Power BI Embedded, provide even the most complex analytics without having to build or maintain them yourself.

Offer analytics on desktop and mobile

With layouts and gestures optimised for mobile, it’s easy to give users access to analytics from any device.

What customers say about Power BI Embedded

GE Healthcare

Stay focused on your business

"Power BI Embedded performed much better than any other tool we’ve seen for the data volumes that we’re working with. The visualization in Power BI Embedded—including the look, feel, and usability—is crisp and intuitive."

Vamsee Rangavajhala, Senior Staff Digital Product Manager for Enterprise Imaging Analytics GE Healthcare

Minimise dev efforts

"Using Power BI Embedded removed 80 percent of the development effort. We deliver Power BI dashboards and let Microsoft provide the analytics power, support, and documentation-while we focus on the core education value."

Scott Welch, Cofounder
Nine Dynamics

Stand out from your competition

"It's transformative for people who have dealt with large amounts of data to see the Power BI Embedded interface. By the end of the meeting, they are usually a customer."

Jeff Sears, CEO and Cofounder
Orange Boy

More functionality with less effort

"By using Power BI Embedded, we have the opportunity to stop fiddling with dashboards and focus on making Savannah the best product possible."

Chris Kelbley, Chief Technology Officer
River Logic

Get your application to market faster

"We realized that if we used Power BI Embedded, we wouldn’t have to invest in building from scratch, which saved us a tremendous amount of time and effort."

Peter Bull, Chief Technology Officer, River Logic

Get leading analytics within budget

"When we compared the solutions in the market, Power BI Embedded hands down delivered what we need technology-wise and at a cost-efficient price point."

Paul Maher, CTO Life Technology Solutions

Embed Power BI analytics in three easy steps



Create rich visuals with Power BI Desktop. Connect to multiple data sources, format and model your data, explore interactive visuals and then publish what you’ve created.

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Integrate out of the box with open source tools, other analytics solutions and proprietary apps. Go easily from familiar tools like the JavaScript SDK or Visual Studio to developing with Power BI Pro.

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Register your app in your production environment and deploy through Power BI Embedded.

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Leverage the power of Azure for embedded analytics

Your solution, powered by a trusted cloud.

  • Scalable and flexible
  • Globally secure and compliant
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Advanced data services

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