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Elastic på Azure

Search, analyze, and visualize data from any source—and go to market faster—with frictionless Elastic integration from within the Azure portal

Simplify operations and gain maximum visibility into your Azure environment

Streamline the way you monitor the health, performance, and security of your infrastructure, apps, and data on Azure. Easily find, deploy, and manage Elasticsearch directly within the Azure portal to get the speed, scale, and relevance you need—freeing yourself to focus on your business.

Search, analyze, and secure your apps and IT with Elastic on Azure: read the solution guide.

View and manage deployment directly within the Azure portal—and automate ingestion of logs and metrics with just a few clicks

Get added security and help eliminate data exposure using private endpoints with Azure Private Link

Take advantage of hybrid and multicloud capabilities—no need to change your environment

Maximize your IT spend with consolidated billing: Elastic charges accrue toward your Azure spend commitments

Build observable systems with Elastic

  • Gain visibility into the health and performance of your Azure environment by collecting and visualizing your logs, metrics, APM traces, and UX-monitoring data.
  • Get faster insights by analyzing all your data within a unified view.
  • Detect service downtime, errors, slow response times, and other undesirable behaviors.
  • Use machine learning and alerts to identify and assess anomalous behavior while ensuring availability.

Prøv Elastic Stack på Azure

Simplify search across your org, websites, and apps

  • Boost productivity and quickly get the relevant information you need by unifying all your data in a single view to easily search across apps like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint.
  • Accelerate Elasticsearch deployment with Elastic App Search—built-in, tunable relevance controls, well-maintained clients, and robust analytics for your apps built on Azure.
  • Help your customers find exactly what they're looking for—faster—by implementing powerful sitewide search.

Comprehensive security across your Azure environment

  • Help protect your environment with a fast, scalable, and centralized security analytics platform for ad hoc analysis during threat detection and hunting exercises.
  • Identify threats using prebuilt detection rules and alerts made specifically for your Azure environment.

Visualize the geolocation of customers and threats

  • Analysér dine geospatiale data med Elastic Maps på Azure.
  • Query and correlate across your Elasticsearch data to visualize multiple indices as unique layers in a single view.

Se, hvordan virksomheder i alle størrelser bruger Elastic på Azure

Esri tilknytter IoT i realtid

Esri udnyttede Elasticsearch og tilpassede plug-ins for at sætte skub i udviklingen af afstandsdataakkumuleringen for deres korttjenester, der hostes på Azure.


Frequently asked questions about Elastic på Azure

  • Ved at køre Elasticsearch på Azure kan du trygt og sikkert hente data fra en vilkårlig kilde i alle formater og derefter søge i, analysere og visualisere dem i realtid. Elastic kan levere svartider på under et sekund, når du arbejder med tera- og petabyte på Azure.
  • Brugere med åben kildekode skal selv administrere Elastic-software og licenser. De har ingen adgang til Elasticsearch-SaaS-fordele (Software as a Service), og du kan heller ikke få adgang til funktioner i Premium Elastic Stack-abonnementer eller professionelle tjenester som vores tekniske rådgivningssupport, træning og konsulenttjenester.
  • Elastic Cloud offers Elasticsearch as a managed service and handles the maintenance and upkeep, freeing you up to focus on innovation.

    Generally, users of completely open-source solutions must self-manage Elastic software and licensing, missing out on many of the benefits of Elastic. Using Elastic Cloud gives you access to Elasticsearch Service software as a service (SaaS) and many features of premium Elastic Stack subscriptions, as well as services like consultative tech support, training, and consulting.

    Learn more about the benefits of Elastic Cloud

    • Søg: Du kan overføre og transformere data, udrulle webstedscrawlere, integrere søgning i programmer og forbinde datasiloer med Enterprise Search.
    • Skab observerbare systemer ved at samle logge, metrikværdier, APM-hændelser og sporinger. Vores brugere er på jagt efter trusler og reagerer med SIEM og slutpunktssikkerhed.
    • Opret programmer med placeringsaktivering, der forstår GeoJSON.
    • Search—ingest and transform data, deploy site crawlers, embed search in applications, and connect data silos for enterprise search.
    • Security—create observable systems by unifying logs, metrics, APM events, and traces—allowing users to threat hunt and respond with SIEM and endpoint security.
    • Create location-enabled applications that understand GeoJSON.
  • Elastic Cloud delivers powerful solutions for observability, enterprise search, and security with an added benefit of reduced operational complexity. With real-time updates, default security best practices, and maintenance handled by the creators of Elasticsearch, this offering delivers more time to develop, analyze, and provide business value. Elastic Cloud typically has fewer configuration steps, shorter deployment requirements, and is eligible for Azure spend commitment.

    If you’re looking for the Elastic products you’re already familiar with, with manual options for cluster management, self-managed Elastic Stack may be right for you.

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