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Public preview: Distributed tracing for Java apps on Azure Functions Linux

Published date: September 22, 2021

Azure Monitor application insights Java integration with Azure Functions on Linux allows you to view richer data from your functions applications, including, requests, dependencies, logs, and metrics. Application monitoring for Azure Functions can be enabled directly from Azure portal.

Azure Functions offers built-in integration with Azure Application Insights to monitor functions apps. For languages other than .NET and .NET Core additional language-specific workers/extensions are needed to get the full benefits of distributed tracing, this is the functionality that Azure Monitor application insights integration with Azure Functions covers.

The additional data also lets you see and diagnose end-to-end transactions and see the application map, which aggregates many transactions to show a topological view of how the systems interact, and what the average performance and error rates are.

The end-to-end diagnostics and the application map provide visibility into one single transaction/request. Together these two features are very helpful for finding the root cause of reliability issues and performance bottlenecks on a per request basis.

The integration with Azure Functions is now in public preview and will feature the consistent monitoring experience that is available for the application insights Java 3.x agent.

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