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Azure Cognitive Services new enhancements

Published date: November 14, 2018

Logo Detection in Custom Vision Service

Custom Vision Services adds support for Logo Detection. This new support allows businesses to create their own logo detector quickly and easily. Logo detection enables customers to search and automate better for their brands. Customers are building their own logo detectors to help them search/locate their logos in their media libraries or to generate analytics for their social media feeds. Logo detection is a specialized type of object detection which is suited specifically for logos - which can be small, skewed or obfuscated within a larger picture (for example on the sidelines of a soccer match, on a building sign in a cityscape, or on a scanned form). Build a logo detector with a few sample images though Azure Cognitive Services custom vision logo detection.

Translation improvements

The Microsoft Translator API has been updated with new translation systems for Chinese and German from and to English, drastically increasing translation quality and expanding application scenarios. Translation quality for these languages has increased due to Microsoft’s human parity work from Chinese to English.



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