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Azure IoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a wholly new set of security-related challenges for developers and architect. Devices are deployed, often unsupervised, in public spaces. IoT scenarios will call for remote controlled physical activity of a machine based on analog sensor inputs that may be degraded, interfered with, or spoofed. We will want to control devices in the home while away. We will want to unlock a car-sharing vehicle using our smart phone as the key. All such interactions must happen securely, and many scenarios will test the edges of current information technology security practices. And security gaps may immediately result in personal safety threats. Moreover, ubiquitous sensors and data flow also present a threat to personal privacy and corporate trade secrets. In this session, Clemens Vasters, Architect on the Azure IoT team will discuss Microsoft’s stance on IoT privacy and security, what principles and technologies we put into the platform for you to build secure and privacy-preserving IoT solutions, and how we’re seeing the future evolution of defending such solutions against increasingly skillful adversaries.