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The phenomenon of the Internet of Things is not something that will happen in the future, it is happening right now. Companies are asking how they can put a sensor on new and existing products/hardware/machinery to provide greater value to their customers and to their business. The Microsoft Azure IoT platform and suite can help you quickly test new ideas with minimal investment and risk. SPR Consulting can start your organization on this journey with a half or full day Getting Started with Azure IoT workshop. This hands-on, interactive session is customized to your company’s environment and helps teams understand and prioritize solutions that will produce the greatest business value.

Who should attend: Best for a cross-functional team: IT, R&D, Operations/Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, and Finance.

Workshop Objectives:

-Understand the business value of IoT
-Review the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite capabilities
-Learn how other companies are using IoT to benefit their business
-Brainstorm and prioritize IoT scenarios within your organization
-Plan for a proof of concept for the scenario that combines high business value with a low cost of implementation

* Note: the half-day session concludes after the POC success criteria definition. Full day workshop attendees will receive a lunch break and will spend the afternoon planning and implementing.

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