Kloud Solutions Pty Ltd

Kloud Solutions Pty Ltd

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As commercial demands continue to grow, organisations are increasingly looking at ways to address these with ever-decreasing resources. To remain competitive, organisations must evolve and find ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs while minimising risk. Cloud computing allows organisations the flexibility and freedom to meet these growing demands.

Kloud has been assisting large Corporate and Government Agencies across Australia since 2010 to adopt and take advantage of cloud technologies. We integrate hosted solutions with existing on-premises architectures and establish effective systems and infrastructure management for maximum IT advantage and business value.

Kloud is a proud Microsoft Azure partner, enabling us to ensure your business is cloud ready through cloud strategy and roadmaps.

- Providing a common understanding of what it means to target the Microsoft cloud
- Setting goals and ordering the approach to identify commodity workloads
- Defining the migration and remediation activities to enable the adoption of cloud
- Identification of corresponding de-provisioning and de-allocation of on-premises resources and capital, both human and physical.

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