Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.

Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.

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Genel Bakış

As a leader in in understanding how to best implement and utilize Microsoft's cloud solutions, Interlink is a System Integrator that provides the skills and expertise to migrate customers to cloud-based solutions including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Intune. As a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and a Certified Messaging Partner, Interlink holds a Gold Microsoft competency in Cloud Productivity and Silver in both Cloud Platform, Communications, and Enterprise Mobility.

Utilizing their own comprehensive CloudLink365 assessment methodology, Interlink combines industry best practice with expertise to map a technology solution to business goals. Interlink audits existing IT infrastructures and applications and assesses the requirements for a move to the Microsoft cloud. They use a practical checklist that considers the needs of the business, not just technology, and that covers all aspects of the configuration and transformation, including:

• Azure pricing and sizing – analysis of a client’s needs and the estimate of the Azure workloads and the associated cost to deploy
• Data center migrations
• Disaster recovery as a service
• Cloud consulting
• Cloud managed service
• Collaboration
• Data protection and storage
• Office 365 cloud deployment

At the core, Interlink enables customers to move away from managing their own technology infrastructure by providing an accessible, predictable, and reliable cloud-based service based on Microsoft Azure. They also understand the licensing and technical side of Azure, so they can help ensure that customer data is always protected. In addition, they manage the process and transformation of a business to a cloud-structured technology approach.

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