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General availability: Build and deploy full-stack .NET 6.0 apps with Azure Static Web Apps

Published date: November 08, 2021

Azure Static Web Apps new supports building and deploying full-stack .NET 6.0 applications. .NET 6.0 is the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version of .NET. 

For your app’s frontend, Static Web Apps can now automatically build and deploy .NET 6.0 Blazor WebAssembly apps, including those that use advanced .NET 6.0 features like ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation. 

For backend APIs, you can build and deploy .NET 6.0 Azure Functions with your static web apps. Both in-process and isolated .NET 6.0 function apps are supported. 

Azure Static Web Apps support for .NET 6.0 follows the .NET 6.0 lifecycle. To learn more, please refer to the .NET support policy as well as the announcement blog post

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