Azure Policy

Active control and governance at scale for your Azure resources

Add policies to your resources

Turn on built-in policies, or build your own custom policies to enable security and management at scale for Azure resources. Restrict deployment options for your organization to specific datacenters, or enable the creation of specific resources types only. Establish tagging metadata to help drive accountability, compliance, and much more.

Choose how to build your policies

Construct policies in the Azure portal with full IntelliSense support or any JSON editor, and import policies using Bash, PowerShell, or API.

Apply policies at any scale

Apply policy over your Azure resources at a scale of your choosing, from a single subscription to a management group with control across your entire organization.

Monitor compliance

Choose to either enforce policies, or audit policy compliance against best practices. View policy compliance for individual policies, or aggregate multiple policies together into initiatives and oversee compliance for the whole initiative. See how compliance to policies is trending over time.

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