Azure Migrate

A central hub of Azure cloud migration services and tools to discover, assess, and migrate workloads to the cloud

Simplify your cloud migration journey

Get all of the Azure migration tools and guidance you need to plan and implement your move to the cloud—and track your progress using a central dashboard that provides intelligent insights.

Ondersteuning voor belangrijkste migratiescenario's voor servers, gegevens, databases, webtoepassingen en virtuele bureaubladen

Uitgebreide mogelijkheden voor detectie, evaluatie en migratie van Azure en partnerhulpprogramma's

Gecentraliseerde migratieopslagplaats die end-to-end tracking en inzichten biedt

Cost-efficient migration with Azure cost optimization features and tools

Meerdere scenario's

Use a compreh0ensive approach to migrating your application and datacenter estate. Get support for key migration workloads like Windows and Linux Server, SQL and other databases, data, web apps, and virtual desktops. Migrate to destinations including Azure Virtual Machines, Azure VMware Solution, Azure App Service, and Azure SQL Database. Migrations are holistic across VMware, Hyper-V, physical server, and cloud-to-cloud migration.


The guided experience and progress dashboard walk you through discovery, assessment, and migration phases for different business areas in one central data repository. Make the best migration decisions with built-in insights and recommendations.

Uiteenlopende mogelijkheden

Profiteer van de gratis Azure-hulpprogramma's met onder andere functies voor detectie en controle op gereedheid, voor het ramen van kosten, de visualisatie van afhankelijkheden tussen apps en de evaluatie en migratie met en zonder agent, of kies uit een verzameling geïntegreerde hulpprogramma's van partners voor extra mogelijkheden.

Save money

Migrate efficiently with rapid lift-and-shift migration tools, all included in your Azure subscription at no additional cost. Right-size resources in the cloud based on performance insights and fluctuating demand. Avoid sunk infrastructure costs from on-premises resources.

Learn about optimizing costs with Azure

Waarom voor beveiliging vertrouwen op Azure?

  • Microsoft investeert jaarlijks meer dan één miljard dollar in onderzoek en ontwikkeling van cyberbeveiliging.
  • Microsoft employs more than 3,500 security experts completely dedicated to your data security and privacy.
  • Azure has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider—view the comprehensive list.

Azure Migrate-prijzen

Azure Migrate is available with your Azure subscription. However, you may incur charges if you choose to use partner tools for additional capabilities.

Gemakkelijk aan de slag gaan

Sign up for an Azure account and save money with unique cost-saving offers.

Learn how to use Azure Migrate and optimize your migration with documentation and additional resources.

Veelgestelde vragen over Azure Migrate

  • Azure Migrate features tools and services that support the assessment and migration steps of your cloud migration journey. Get more resources to plan your migration to Azure, including the cloud migration checklist.
  • Yes, Azure Migrate provides a way to move your legacy apps portfolio to the cloud. Learn more with this webinar, Migrate Your Legacy .NET Apps to the Cloud. If your organization uses a mainframe, find out about migrating your mainframe apps to the cloud.
  • See product availability per region to use the region search tool.
  • Yes, Azure Migrate helps you assess VDI—select Lakeside, a VDI assessment tool, when you create a new project.
  • For information about licensing for a specific partner tool, visit the partner’s website or go to Azure Migrate pricing for pricing information.
  • Yes, Azure Migrate features support for physical server assessment and migration.
  • See a list of supported databases.
  • To begin your database migration, first use an Azure Migrate database assessment tool to discover and assess on-premises databases. To migrate your databases, use the Database Migration Service from the Azure Portal, select the subscription used in your Azure Migrate database assessment, and migrate groups and instances from your assessment.
  • Azure Migrate provides a central hub for assessment and migration to Azure. Azure Site Recovery is a disaster recovery solution. The Server Migration tool in Azure Migrate features migration-specific capabilities including support for different types of workloads, agentless migration, and integration with assessment tools.

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