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Public preview refresh: Azure IoT Central REST API new and updated endpoints

Published date: November 23, 2021

Extensibility is a key ingredient for IoT Central Application Platform-as-a-service (aPaaS) and the REST APIs empower our developers to build production-ready solutions that interact with a variety of Central entities. With the latest release for 1.1-preview endpoint, developers can now build a variety of companion experiences that enable programmatic use of IoT Central capabilities. In this release, there is support for:

IoT Central query

There is now a programmatic way to retrieve device data from your IoT Central application. IoT-C query language enables builders to capture raw or aggregated data from their devices within IoT Central and power a variety of companion experiences. To learn more, visit How to use IoT Central REST API to query devices.

Continuous data export

REST API enables builders to develop client applications that integrate with their IoT Central applications. REST API can now be used to manage data export instances within your IoT-C application to power your downstream workloads. To learn more, visit How to use IoT Central REST API to manage data exports.

Support for device template patch

Previously, REST API supported updates to Device Templates however, a new template was required to capture any updates. With simplified versioning, you can perform PATCH operations on the device templates to in place update the device capability model within the existing device template.

IoT Edge device template authoring with IoT Edge manifest

IoT Central REST API now enables developers to build and deploy IoT-Edge device templates with corresponding deployment manifest within their IoT Central applications.

IoT Edge device relationship management

IoT Central REST API now provides a programmatic way of creating and managing device relationships using new IoT Edge relationship APIs.

Support for oData filters for devices and device templates

IoT Central REST API endpoints for Devices and Device Templates now use Open Data Protocol (OData) for REST API requests and support query string operators such as Top, Filter, Order.

To learn more, please visit the REST API documentation.

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