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Azure API Management update—October 2019, #2

Published date: October 28, 2019

A regular Azure API Management service update started on October 25, 2019, and included the following new features, bug fixes, changes, and improvements. We deploy updates gradually and it takes over a week for every active API Management service instance to receive them.


  • It's now possible to create custom content types in the new developer portal. Custom content types names need to start with the c- prefix. Documentation in the portal’s GitHub repositorywill be soon updated.


  • When a Consumption tier service with a custom domain is suspended and then reactivated, it now preserves the certificate and the domain settings. This fix applies only to services created from now on.
  • Requests aborted due to client disconnect are no longer reported as backend disconnect failures.
  • Requests failed due to an invalid backend HTTP response code are no longer reported as internal gateway error failures.


  • It's now possible to use the network status API call to monitor connectivity among the local cache and API Management units in a region.
  • The redirect-content-urls policy now respects API version identifier in the URL path.
  • Enabling VNET connectivity to additional storage accounts is no longer required for the managed version of the new developer portal. Documentation will be updated soon.

The new developer portal (in preview) follows an independent release lifecycle and the per-release changelog is available on GitHub.



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