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App Service sites running Python 3.4.1 being updated to Python 3.6.6

Published date: October 30, 2018

Starting on Monday, November 12, and running through December 15, Azure App Service hosted on Windows will upgrade all Python sites running Python 3.4.1 to instead run Python 3.6.6. This upgrade will address security vulnerabilities in Python 3.4.1.

The upgrade is an “in place” update, and will automatically update the Python binaries currently used by Python 3.4.1 applications. We recommend that customers test existing Python 3.4.1 sites with Python 3.6.6, and make any necessary code changes to ensure that their websites are compatible with the newer Python version.

For more details, and to learn how to manually update the Python version in case the site's code is not compatible with Python 3.6.6, see our GitHub announcement.


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